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 There he was, standing on the other side of the room. Once again faking smiles and pretending he cared about these people. Once again he was with her...

-   You got a girl
 that doesn't look a thing like me
The girl you're mother always said it would be
 So, you can say that, you can say that
     I'm hopeless   -

  It honestly hurt me when I saw him with her. I left the ballroom to get some freshair, but more importantly to clear my head.

     ~Roma's POV~

 I laughed half heartedly at a joke my future father in law told, but I noticed something in the corner of my eye. I saw (f/n) leave the room.
  "Could you please excuse me? I need some fresh air," I interrupted to get out of here.
  "Yes, please, go ahead," my father in law responded gestering a permission to step out.                                                                                    

 I walked out and I found (f/n) leaning against the balcony. I smiled and continued walking towards her.
 "You look stunning, you-a-know," I pointed out.

    ~ Reader's POV ~

 "You look stunning, you-a-know."
I whipped my head around when I heard that voice.

 "You're not so bad yourself," I added bitterly while eyeing him up and down.
 "(f/n), you know i rather be with you instead of those fucktards," he explained while slowly closing the distance from him and me. I held him close and rested my head on his shoulders.

 "I know but it still kills me seeing you with her." I gripped him tighter.

 "You know why we do this bella," he whispered in my ear.

 "I know. This isn't fair," I said with a cracked voice.

 "Bella. Believe me.There is no other person I rather be with." Those words resonated in my head.

 -  But that ain't the girl
That ain't the girl I want you to be
  The girl that keeps me up
   And I see in my dreams
So, you could say that,you could say that
     I love her.  -

 The situation me and Lovi had was difficult. Since we were little, our parents arranged a wedding between our families to strengthen and unify both our business empires. It went well throughout our childhood. Feli and Lovi were my best friends, but the problems began when we grew up. Feliciano fell in love with me and that's where it started. Feliciano told his grandfather, who was in charge of the family business, and they immediately set up a proposal. Unbeknowst to them, at the same time Lovino and I confessed our love towards each other. When the party arrived, both of us were in shock. My family was exstatic about the proposal, so they gladly accepted, disregarding my feelings at the time. The next days were awkward and lonely. When I finally saw Lovino again, we made a pact to still stay together. We continued seeing each other to still stay together until Grandpa Rome found out. He threatened to destroy my family name and business if I broke Feli'sheart. Lovino got the worse end of the deal, Grandpa Rome warned Lovino if he did anything to ruin the wedding or if he were near me, he would personally disown Lovino, And he mentioned something only to Lovino. Grandpa Romethought the best solution was to plan bethroth Lovino to someone else. The cruelest part of his plan, was that it was going to be a double wedding, so we could both watch as we get married to another person. Despite that, we still secretly see each other.

   ~Roma's POV~

 "Bella. Believe me.There is no other person I rather be with." I lifted her chin and wiped her tears with my thumb. I smiled at her to comfort her.

"Lovi, go back to the party before your grandfather finds out," she pushed me away. Her rejection hurt, but being the cause of her tears killed me even more.

"Okay, but promise I'll see you at my apartment."

"Alright. Pick me up at the old cafe like last time," She smiled at me kindly and waved goodbye.
 Time passed and the party ended pretty early. I picked up (f/n) and went home.

  ~Reader's POV~

After the party, I went home with Lovino.

We never actually anything much whenever we met up. I mean, we usually just went to his apartment o talk and hang out. Lovino and I respected that we were engaged to others. The most we ever did was kiss, but that was it. we were always reminded that our love had to be secret, that it was forbidden.

I sat down on the couch to think about all things that were happening.

"(f/n), are you alright?" Lovino asked. I looked up only to find his amber eyes on my (e/c) ones. Our lips only few inches apart.
 I looked down and shook my head. "No Lovi,the wedding is in one week. How much longer are we going to do this? I mean,I love you, but the last thing I want to do is hurt Feliciano and become a homewrecker." I laid my eyes again upon his. His eyes were clouded with concern. Before he could say anything, I hugged him tightly. I took in his smell as if it were the last time I was going to be with him. "I don't want to say goodbye." He held me tighter and started smoothing my hair. "Lovi," I mumbled into his shirt. He grunted in response and I continued, "I want to be yours, and only yours."

  ~Roma's POV~

"Lovi...I want to be yours, and only yours." My opened wide when she said that. I separated (f/n) from our hug just enough to see her face.

"Are you sure (f/n)?" I asked. At this point, I felt my heart beating out of my chest.

She smiled sweetly and stroked my chest with her finger. "I want my first time with you, the man I love." Her half lid eyes looked up, "The only one I will love." I stared at her with disbelief until she broke the silence with a dark chuckle. "Besides," she paused and bit her lip seductively, "I'm a very selfish girl. When I set my eye on something I don't let it go," she moved closer to the point she was mere centimeters from my lips. "And I want you all by my myself." She grabbed my tie and kissed me passionately.
I lifted her bridal style and went to the bedroom. Once there, I laid her down and for a this perfect instance our worries faded away...

  -So I don't care
   what they say
its our life, life, life
We can dance if we want
Make it feel alright
Temperature rising,I feel the fire
The product of having a Romano phase and Dev phase at the same time. I plan to continue this and we'll see how this week goes, but I'll try to post ASAP. I'm sorry if you're mad at me for making G.Rome evil :(

Song: Naked by Dev ft. Enrique Iglesias

Of course I do not own the wonderful world of Hetalia, Hidekaz Himaruya does.
So if you're owned by Roma-chan then you're basically owned by H.H. just saying :D

Hope you guys liked it!! And if you want to request a story its cool beans, I have time. I was gonna apologize about Roma's language but seriously it's effing Romano.

-Creds to my awesome editor!! Thanx Mishy
*Part 2 is up*
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